A Favourable Wind

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Deprivation   Pole   Era   Twist   Gold   Enhance   Help   Athlete   Taste


Deprivation takes its toll,

As if your friends moved to the Pole

The other end of Earth from you –

When all you have is cabin blues

Brought on by rainy weekend’s dust

(A vacuum running dawn til dusk)

With Monday drawing ever nearer

In winter’s bitter, cloistered era.

Woman in a Spring garden


That silly little mental twist

The gloomy voice that heralds this:

“Your times of gold are long since past

This disquiet is not some mask

You’ve put on for a morbid dance;

Leaving the house will not enhance

Your life, or get the help you need…!”

To outrun thoughts, I have to speed

Like an athlete besting her time,

And find a way for hope to shine

Come show me this is just a phase –

Soon life regains its sweeter taste.


The Spring is coming!  Smile anew!

Soon warmer rays will filter through!


This morning I walked home from the school run with a mum that I haven’t talked to since the end of the last school year 🙂

*Waves in case she’s reading*

Shockingly, I was able to invite her into my house, knowing that it would be pretty tidy!! I have been decluttering and sorting stuff here and there for just over a month now.  I had picked toys up from the playroom floor before getting the kids on the road, and straightened the livingroom.  I’d even vacuumed and done a quick clean last night; even though I wasn’t expecting company! 

There were still a few dishes hanging about, and I had to check that the bathroom was presentable (!), but it was a really nice feeling to be relaxed enough that if she had walked into any room in my house it would no longer be the most embarrassing disaster ever. 

I haven’t felt like that for most of my married life, and I rarely felt like that even when I only had a room or two to take care of while single!

I have a long way to go (I’ve earmarked the first three months of this year for decluttering just the bedrooms) and I don’t hit my ‘tidy’ targets every day due to catching up on the blog, appointments, etc. but I am at least keeping on top of the laundry a lot better and making my bed every day – so I’m feeling proud of myself!!

My visitor and I had a lovely chat about weddings, poetry, creativity…and randomly striking up conversations with people wherever we go 😉 it’s fab to be taken out of your routine now and then, meet someone you weren’t expecting to, and talk about what you enjoy doing…especially over that all important mug of milky tea (and slice of sponge cake from the treat cupboard).

There may have been a storm in Scotland today, but it felt like a favourable wind to me!


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4 Responses to “A Favourable Wind”

  1. Jennifer Patino Says:

    I wrote about the subject of deprivation yesterday myself during a break from pain. It didn’t last very long unfortunately. I feel deprived again not being able to use my hands for too long.

    I always enjoy your poetry & I’m glad you had a nice surprise visit. 😊

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Aww hun, I send you so many hugs! That is such a cruel affliction for anyone, but especially those like you who put their hands to such beautiful use ❤

    I need to properly visit your blog and keep up with Twitter again! It’s all been very head down here this past month xxx

  3. Jane Wright Says:

    I am so glad to read this little poem with its optimistic last couplet and then to find out you had that lovely, intellectual session with your friend. Your house is absolutely fine, *Montaffera, and your fine, creative brain has more interesting things to do than worrying so much about it. Keep up the writing – I love to read your efforts.

  4. Montaffera Says:

    Aww thank you, Jane!

    I find it much easier to be creative when our home welcomes me with a smile instead of a tapping foot and huge to-do list 😉 I also love how cathartic letting go of the clutter can be! After a decade here, and bringing up two small kids, the house is really needing to be loved back into shape.

    Doing the digging out now will mean that when Youngest is at school after the Summer I can focus 100% on making all my creative dreams come true – with our housework covered by easy maintenance routines. We’ll get organised each day with minimal stress, and I can relax knowing I am free to take time out with the kids without life descending into chaos.

    I’m loving how things are starting to pull together!

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