A Distant Source Of Disquiet

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Hey there 🙂

Today’s Random Word Generator selection seemed pretty straight forward.  I just thought about the fall-out a woman might have from a past fling with someone while she was married…and put pen to paper.

I wrote the first verse, then decided to try and follow the erratic syllable ‘pattern’ in the second verse.  I’m quite pleased with the result 🙂






Distant  Source  Affair  Sail  Photocopy  Month  Tempt  Graze  Network


He was always a distant source of disquiet:

The whole affair would sail through my mind

On a regular basis.

It didn’t help that his son was, in fact,

A veritable photocopy of him;

Or that every month’s passing

Would do little to lessen my guilt.

That day, those actions, this reach into the future –

Why was he sent to tempt me?  Seems cruel

To graze a good man’s heart so.

Every time I look at my husband now,

I glimpse my tumbling network of lies and tears.

A wound never acknowledged

Still seeps its poison into one’s life.



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