A Cold Torture

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If you remember, I had 15 words and the ending of ‘-esque’ left over from yesterday’s fun with the Haikubes, and I vowed to write a poem with them today.

Here’s what came of that endeavour…

Yesterday's kube leftovers!

Words to incorporate:

Doctor  Licks  -esque  Its  He  Prick  Lurid  You  A  Cheeks  Next  Flying  To  Your  Any  Bust 


I sit in the waiting room

Watching my doctor

– In reception,

Protected by glass –

As he licks

The ice cream.


The room is hotMan holding an ice cream

I arrived too early

And now it’s almost time…

The picturesque moment

Of ‘man enjoying a treat’

Loses its appeal.


“How dare he?!

The prick!  Such a lurid display!

Here you are: early.

Having to be taunted by

A show of nonchalance:

His cheeks full of food,

As your fever

Has barely left yours!


You’d better be next!

This behaviour

Is flying in the face

Of what the media says…

Isn’t it?!

NHS staff rushed off their feet, eh?

Can’t be bothered

To stick to your

Appointment time, can he?

Any sympathy you had for doctors

Should be well dead now;

Bust that myth, haven’t we…?!”


“So” said the doctor,

“What seems to be the trouble?”


“Intrusive thoughts” I said,

Trying not to glare at

The ice cream on his tie.



Hands up who was expecting that from those words?! 😛


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