A Chamber. (Made).

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Today I was writing my poem, while my hair was busy soaking up dye, in the salon where my lovely friend works.  She was making sure I finally got rid of the tresses that have been wiggling in my eyes for the past few weeks!

There was quite a bit of hair on the floor when she’d finished…and I LOVE it!!

I wrote the below within my 15 minutes, with music and chatter going on around me. 

I don’t like the poem much in itself, but I loved getting to write it in a nice relaxed state.


Chamber   Saint   Capture   Major   Boundary   Round   Drian   Light   Conversation

In my own chamber

I feel like a saint

Who’s been subjected to

Such an undignified capture.


Some major miscarriage

Of Justice and rights –

A boundary crossed;

Navigation ‘round all of my stands.


But, really, I sit

In disgrace and shame

For a drain pipe scaled.

A teenage misdemeanour too far.


My halo: choking me.

No barred windows, but

Rightly punished for

Slipping out to pursue others’ light.


Sweet conversation

A bad, heady, drug

No phone now to reach out:

Accomplish my fix, share my woes.


Awww, a dinky notebook page today!

I came up with a strange pattern of syllables, and I’m not really sure why? 

I like the idea of the teenager in her room, sulking, but I need to explore it with more time.

Were you grounded much by your parents?  What did you get up to in order to deserve it?!

What would you have written about, using today’s words?

Please drop me a comment and let me know 🙂



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