A Caution (#NaPoWriMo Day 25)

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Hey there 🙂

I have been enjoying this month of writing, and have written a poem for every prompt so far, unfortunately my menfolk have been ill so I have become a little behind on my posting!  I will be endeavouring to catch up over the next day or so.

Today’s prompt was to write a warning label – for myself!

I think mine turned into more of a pamphlet…



Keep unit away from excessive noise.

Feed every 3-4 hours.

Do not let this device come into contact with Arachnids

or those experiencing nausea,

as may short-circuit.


Take to places of beauty frequently.

Air well.

Allow device to wash itself at least once a day.

Protect from strong sunlight after

half an hour’s exposure.


Picture of Montaffera

Unit is waterproof, but may not function well in heavy rain

or snow.


Ensure to store within easy reach of interesting books,

lots of craft materials,

a comfortable chair, a bathroom

and an internet connection.


Recharge for at least 8 hours a day.

If unit appears sluggish:

  1. Try giving it fresh air and/or a nap.
  2. If that fails, administer chocolate and a therapeutic environment.

N.B: Keep away from children for at least an hour,

then test carefully.


Do not rile: may become sarcastic.

Approximately once a month, this model can display

prolonged crying sprees;

hugs will greatly help in this situation.

(Manufacturer can also be called, in extreme circumstances)


Manufacturer may visit

up to once a week to check unit function

and provide backup facilities.

These visits will be negotiated on an ongoing basis.


Handle with care.

Provide unit with ample opportunities

to exercise, eat, maintain its appearance

and feel that it is autonomous;

and it should serve you well for years to come.


Clothing and make-up etc sold separately.

May require more food than pictured.

Model shown is not indicative of the size

your unit may choose to maintain.




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