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Expressive Cloth Pt. 5

Hey! So we have come to the last part of the story! (Here’s the rest-scroll down for the instalment you need) Textfixer gave me these:   and off I went 😉   Violence   Vixen   Groan   Greasy   Binocular   Allowable   Expert   Guideline   Bounce According to Abe and his colleagues at the FBI, this ex of hers had […]

Expressive Cloth Pt. 1

Hey there 😉 One of my regular readers, Michelle, gave me this picture as a prompt today, and asked me to use Textfixer as my generator to guide the story I compile this week.  I think this may be another fun assignment!   I first got Textfixer to give me five words that could make […]

Run Wild

Hi 🙂 I think I strayed a little from Michelle’s brief, but I quite like what came of my dabbling! Michelle gave me the title of this post, and asked that I wrote a poem about “an ivory poacher having a change of heart”. Technically, I wrote about a rich white guy in about the […]


Hi 🙂 I learned today there are definitely pieces that I can’t write in 20 minutes!!  Michelle’s idea was lovely (I actually teared up when I read it) but the complexities totally foxed me.  This was Michelle’s task: Title: Misheard Character: Adolescent boy with non-verbal autism Form: Story I went to YouTube first, as I […]

The Last Time

Hello! Michelle kindly gave me another one of her fab phrases, which I have used at the start of today’s piece. Thanks Michelle!   For the last time he would not let this heinous crime go unnoticed!  He crept along the rooftop, (scaring the old moth-eaten seagull that liked to perch there of an afternoon). […]


Hey there, you 🙂 Michelle gave me another fab phrase to use at the end of my Facebook Fiction piece today: “It hurt, harder than anything they had experienced in their lifetime together” A few strains of the same idea came into my head, and I wasn’t entirely sure which way to go, but I […]

Her Next Big Move

Hi 🙂 November already, and I’m onto my eighth ‘Facebook Fiction’ offering – my tenth collaboration with my lovely Facebook followers, in total.  How wonderful! 😀 Katie wrote today’s prompt, which she said I could position anywhere in the story: “The estate agent’s glossy brochure was too tempting to resist and as she turned the […]

Defensive Of His Owner

Hiyeee! Michelle commented on my challenge post on Facebook, and asked me to incorporate “defensive of his owner” into my story somewhere today.  I got out my light blue pen, and wrote:   “Never work with children or animals” – it’s a well-known adage for a freaking reason.  I’ve never really been around the former […]

She Stroked It Gently

Hi 🙂 Emma provided me with “she stroked it gently”. Interesting choice – I think you’ll agree there are a few possible storylines there!! 😛 Emma didn’t specify where I was to put the phrase, so I decided to make it my closing line, as it is the option I haven’t run with yet:   […]

Many A Lonely Winter

Hello there! For today’s piece of ‘Facebook fiction’, I was given an opener by Sheelagh.  It reads: “A seemingly authoritarian figure with a frosty manner, cultivated over many a lonely winter; secretly he longed for affection and friendship…” How ‘cool’ is that?! Despite having dawdled on the way home from school/nursery drop off, coupled with […]