Of A New Raincoat and A Creepy Poem

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Good Evening 😉

We bought Youngest the same style of raincoat as Eldest, and I let Youngest wear it for the first time today.  He looked and felt so grown up!!  He put it on over his nursery gear, and immediately ran through to the playroom to show his big brother.  This was Eldest’s reaction:

Eldest thinks his brother looks “like a schoolboy” but cute at the same time!

I got a few lovely pics of the two boys standing together, but they refused to let me take any while they were covering their faces, so I can’t post them here… 

After nursery, I tried to get Youngest to pose with his back to me, and he did – giving himself a cuddle!  I did get a pic from behind a little bit down the road, however, when he went to inspect a rogue hubcap that’s been loitering at the side of the pavement for a while; and also nosy over a local’s garden wall, as one does!!

On the home stretch we met a lovely lady with her friendly dog, who was unfortunately limping.  Youngest stroked her head (the dog’s, not the lady’s) and told her that he hoped she’d be “feelin’ better soon”.

Around 4ish, on the way back from collecting Eldest, we all passed the wee park.  I saw one of the mums I know and waved, and this prompted her young son to run over to see Youngest (as they attend nursery together).  As he grew closer, I had to tell him Youngest was sound asleep in the buggy.  Undeterred, the lovely wee soul picked a daisy and a dandelion for when Youngest woke up!  How sweet is that?!

I had introduced Eldest to him seconds beforehand, so Eldest was presented with a dandelion head, too!  Eldest’s wee face was a picture of happiness!  We thanked my friend’s lil guy, and waved to him while he ran back to his mum. 

A lovely way to end the first day of raincoat adventures!


Today’s poem did not tie in with any of the above, however!  I at first was going to attempt a wee poem that read like youngest was saying it, but ‘rhetorical’ kind of stumped me, and the kids were popping up asking me things all through my 15 minutes as it was, so the below was written a little disjointedly (which shows in the line and rhymes, I feel!)


Creepy  Rings  Twig  Wipe  Rhetorical  Lighten  Meat  Store  Flame

A creepy cry

Rings out – ‘cross the sky

Bats are thick

Flying quick

Hand-like twig

On your shoulder…


Wipe your terror-struck face

Go to your happy place

In your head –

But the dread

Is so choking;

That you say to yourself

Half joking:

“Is anyone there…?”

For rhetorical effect.


But it’s the biggest scare yet

When your surroundings start to lighten

Eerie glow, just geared to frighten?

Or some person come to rescue?!

(After all this was to test you

You weren’t supposed to be dead meat)

Now you swear you can hear feet

Trudging up behind once more

What has this nightmare got in store…?!


A struck match, a quivering flame

You’re engulfed by fear again

Scream and scream, try to run

Futile attempts to dodge a gun…


Oh dear, that did not sound like it had a happy ending!

Blame the generator, it started it…




‘Creepy’ photo credit:  I actually took this pic on the way back from dropping the kids off at nursery and school one February day.  The gloom had come down behind us as we walked in.  It is the sun, not the moon, shining through the fog.  A few filters on top, and you have a spoooooky pic!!



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Problems (Remuda Pt 2)

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Hiya 😉

From Jimpix

I was excited when I saw that ‘problems’ and ‘crumb’ had shown up on today’s Jimpix offering!  It was surely a sign that I was to carry on and extend yesterday’s prose piece?! It was a nice mild selection too, so not that tricky to work with (strange…?).

Having read both of my pieces back a few times, I don’t think they sound like an American girl is narrating, really – or at least to my mind it reads as though she may have been brought up by an English nanny!


Eminent  Problems  Gunnells  Mammet  Volume  Zero  Childish  Infatuated  Crumb

Mum was very encouraged by the fact that some eminent psychologist or other had taken residence at the ranch.  The answer to all my problems.  Mum looked hurt when I’d tried not to snigger.

“What’s so funny?” she’d snapped

“Well…did you say her name was ‘Gunnells’?!”


I laughed outright; “So! At this hallowed place that treats people with eating disorders – they hire a shrink with a name that is synonymous with being full-up?! Talk about subliminal messages! I love it!”


You see, I’m really NOT one of those sad mammet types who want to take up as little room as possible and shrink out of life. 


Turn it up to full volume, why don’t you, and throw some groovy shapes on that dancefloor!

I watch my weight, obviously, but I am not a size zero.  I’m not some waif with a childish desire to stay little forever, stop my periods, be looked after by my parents…

I like what I like, and I do what I do.  I’m not infatuated by every fashion model out there, nor am I suspicious of every crumb on my plate.  Plus, I hate throwing up. 

I don’t think this place is really ready for me, as beautiful as it is.  I don’t play nice with other girls.  But then, that could be fun!

I shook out my bun and squared my shoulders, hoping the crick in my neck would soon leave. 

“Let’s go then” I said, cheerfully, looping my arm through my dad’s.  Mum looked delighted.


A very full notebook page today!

Is the girl a reliable source of information?  Does she really feel as she says she does, or is she in denial? I suggested yesterday that she had moved to the other side of the US from her home town…what was she running from?  Has she aspirations she wishes to chase, or just demons she’s hoping to leave behind?

Or is it the mother who is in denial, hoping that putting her daughter in for this kind of therapy will be much easier to talk about at the tennis club? Is she hoping that any other mental health issues will be mopped up at the place as well if she just throws enough money at them?

What is in the past with the father?  What renegade moves has he pulled recently?  Is he even with the mother any more, or is he there for the daughter?

Let me know what you got from the emerging story, in the comments!

**Disclaimer: I have only done rudimentary research on Remuda Ranch, and the services it provides.  The pieces I have written are entirely works of FICTION and the characters are not based on anyone I actually know or have ever met!  The area of expertise that the place in question specialises in is a very emotive and delicate one – I in no way wish to belittle that, just explore it through the characters I have created.  The characters’ views should not be taken as my own**


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Hey-lo lovely reader!

So! I was putting off my Jimpix dealings yesterday, as I have been pretty busy trying, trying, trying to catch up on housework and the washing pile, since my pelvis decided to give me a lot of pain and make me take it slower last week. 

From Jimpix

But today I bit the bullet and just went for it to see what the god of Jimpix would give me.  I had already decided that I was going to attempt to write a prose piece with the words and see where it took me.  I had the idea at the back of my head that I might do the same tomorrow with another Jimpix selection and see if I could carry it on with the same characters?!  Is such a thing even possible with this wild generator?!

I was surprisingly nervous about writing the piece at all.  Blank page syndrome really kicked in!!

**I must point out here and now that I have only done rudimentary research into what the place I will set my piece in the grounds of looks like, and the services it provides.  The following piece is entirely a work of FICTION and the characters are not based on anyone I actually know or have ever met!  The area of expertise that the place in question specialises in is a very emotive and delicate one – I in no way wish to belittle that, just explore it through the characters I have created.  The characters’ views should not be taken as my own**

I had to look up ‘remuda’ and just underneath it on the search engine appeared ‘Remuda Ranch’ – a treatment centre for women and girls who have eating disorders.  It is in Arizona, so I immediately had to look up how long it would take to get there from Connecticut (as it was one of my words)…and so a wee story started coming together in my mind.  I started the timer and off I went:


Anchor  Remuda  Flank  Connecticut  Kissing  Stoic  Renegade  Offensive  Triathlete

It had been a four-hour flight, then the drive, and now my head floated as if finally released from its anchor.  Remuda Ranch, at first, looked tipsy.

Pins and needles scuffled in the whole of my left flank, but the air smelt like freedom after Connecticut.  I stretched my arms towards the big blue sky, and got sudden images of a stubbled stable hand, pungent from leather and horse sweat, kissing me like his life depended on it…

Dad had been such a stoic through the whole journey, listening to mum rattling off all the benefits this beautiful place boasted for people like me.  How much the other girls would take to my sweet nature and we’d get through it together.  Dad already knew there was a high chance I’d turn renegade.  I took after him, so he never found it as offensive as mum did.

Not even after I’d ditched the hunky triathlete at that Vegas alter last year…


Scribblings…gutted because my purple pen ran out half way through my time! Hoping I have another one somewhere…

Las Vegas is next door to Arizona, but waaaay across the map from Connecticut.  What age are we thinking the ‘girl’ is? One must legally be 18 to marry in Las Vegas, but how easy would it be to fake an ID?

It would appear that the parents live in Connecticut, so why was the daughter so far away?  Did she abscond in her summer vacation and get a job as a cocktail waitress?

It reads like her parents are wealthy, so has she stolen money and gone off to seek adventure, previously?

I’m pretty pleased with the piece.  I think I will try to expand upon it tomorrow, dammit! 😉

Wish me luck!





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A Sensory Woodwalk

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Hello 🙂

I am always left in awe of the nursery team when I help out (read: ‘make up the obligatory adult quotient’) on one of the woodland walks.  I can’t get my own two kids to listen to me, but the ladies keep groups of 10 or so children enrapt with ease!

Youngest was in a particularly crazy mood today, bouncing off his buoyant partner in crime that he always buddies with. Neither of them would hold my hand the first time they were asked, both wanted to pick up sticks and brandish them at each other as soon as possible, and each boy gave me a mouthful of cheek a few times – that ended in the other giggling.  Good thing I have a lot of time for them both, eh?!  They know how to get around me with their cute merry faces…

Today there were two groups of children out so, after a quick game of hide and seek, the kids split back into their usual set and followed their nursery keyworker to an appropriate spot to sit down.

There was a discussion about where our senses reside, and how they help us glean information about the world.  Eyemasks were then produced, and a scent challenge commenced.  Youngest picked the fish mask, as his favourite colour is blue, and went first.  He and most of his peers couldn’t identify the peppermint oil, but eventually one of Youngest’s favourite girl-pals sussed it.

Some more oils were attempted, then each child was fashioned a bracelet of double sided sticky tape, with just the top layer of paper removed.  The kids were tasked with picking up and sticking as many different colours of plant life as they could find – and if there were lots of the same colour, they were to focus on shades. 

Youngest loved this activity! He was a little miffed when heavier items wouldn’t stick, but he was proud to show his friends where they could find white feathers, and to compare found flowers. The small knot of kids even had a contest to see who could blow fluff from their dandelions the fastest.  There was no clear winner 😉

There was a game where a bangle of bells was put around a child’s wrist, and then that child had to go off and hide while jingling the bells.  The rest of the group were supposed (!) to keep their eyes closed and concentrate on listening to which direction the bells had gone in. 

Most of the kids tried to hide in the same place, but Youngest was tricky and ran in every direction before finally plumping on standing behind a tree quite close to the group!  He was very indignant when the kids pointed to him because his partner had peeked 😀

Snack was preceded by a taste test.  Each child closed their eyes (!!) and stuck their tongue out, and the keyworker dealt them chocolate buttons.  Then there was a discussion of sweet and sour, and a bit more confectionary to illustrate the difference.

After snack (of fruit and a Digestive biscuit) there was free play.  Here is Youngest with the other eyemask on, his chin sporting juice from his strawberry!

Other kids ran around with tinkling wrists again, or made capes and veils from square chiffon scarves.  There is so much energy and inventive craziness in 3-4 year olds!

We trooped back, my loony and his pal messing about again, and we got there before the usual chucking out time.  We were allowed to leave early, so Youngest and I sidled to the little shop and I bought my son a sports cap bottle of water to make up for having completely forgotten to bring my bag with me today** and therefore his drink, which I had put in the side of it for the walk.  The bottle he picked was a 750ml one, and Youngest was delighted.  I think it’ll last him a few days!

He valiantly walked most of the way home, but became really silly and bolted near a busy road (he stayed on the inside of the pavement, but still) and so lost his tablet viewing privileges.  Cue huge tired rant from him, which was only calmed by a biiiig mummy cuddle once we got in.  He fell straight to sleep snuggled into me, bless him.

I really can’t believe that Youngest will come to the end of his anti-preschool year next month, or that Eldest is almost out of Primary 2!!  How can these children of ours be getting so big?!  Someone needs to invent a pause button for life’s live feed.  I can’t keep up with the feels 😉

I enjoyed the woodwalk today and I’m glad I got so many nice pictures, there will be countless experiences I won’t see him have as he grows, so it is lovely to hear his joy while I can.


**Those that know me offline will realise what a big deal this is (I probably accosted you at the time and told you, to be fair…).  EVERYTHING is in that rucksack, all the stuff I need in order to feel prepared for most eventualities.  But…? We were fine.  Weird.**


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I wrote this poem thinking about the way I had been feeling last week: sore, tetchy, tired and ever so grumpy!

I get into this place where I don’t want people to tell me about all the rational good stuff about my life, (because I have a fluffing annoying camp-coordinator-type person in my head who does that CONSTANTLY to keep me moving, and keep me focussed on the family’s needs).

I feel guilty that I’m not ‘just’ splendiferously happy with my amazing sons and husband and wider family and friends and social media laughs; and certainly with having all my basic needs and much more met without having to slog my guts out like I did in my younger days…!!

From Textfixer

I watch the news.  I know how awful it could be, what atrocities happen, how people lose everything.  I give money to charities, have even worked and volunteered for a good few, have seen devastating things happen to people close to me, and have marvelled at the way they and the fabulous souls around them have got on with life anyway.

I get it, I do.

I am the world’s worst at remembering to speak without channeling the morose and voicing the negative.  I often don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel as being anything other than a train.

There is a ‘but’ here: I also hug a lot of strangers. 

I am a keeper of life stories, and I make people laugh – and also give them a safe shoulder to cry on.  I care about my fellow humans.  I hand found notes into police stations, and I usually make it my mission to catch the eye of someone standing alone at any social gathering. 

If you are one of those people who find passionate rambling endearing, I’m your gal.  (You’re still reading, I notice)

I was the shop assistant who would get things from high shelves and talk bunions and ‘the good old days’ with my mature customers, and earn myself boiled sweets in the process (I never got my shelves stacked on time).

I’ll keep your secrets and not judge you harshly.  I will point out your positives and options, but I’ll also join you in your misery. Because:


Moan  Communication  Gloomy Harmless  Beast  Gimmick  Basic  Willow  Call


A moan

Is the best communication.


Offering your rant –

A gloomy, harmless beast –

Can be liberating

For the person listening.


It’s like some

Shiny sales gimmick

That lets another know:

No topic is barred, here.


So what if your

Basic life is ‘privileged’?


That can be sh*t, too.


A willow is beautiful

But still droops, as it blooms.



Only being a call away

Can be equivalent to dead.


Yes, tomorrow is another day, you do have amazing things to live for, you should definitely step out of your comfort zones and embrace this wonderful life…

…but all of that takes energy and there comes many a moment when you just need to say ARRRRRRGHHHH and throw it all up in the air.  Restraining that alllll the time is unrealistic.  (I can’t do it for two weeks together, right now!)

You will get that energy back, you will feel better/do better/move on again – but you don’t need to pretend that you never feel yuck.

You also don’t need to fear that if you let it all out you’ll never get back the pieces in the same order/be able to look the other person in the eye again.

Pick the right person (tricky, but doable) and something will shift.

Promise 😉

This is how deeper friendships are formed. Oftentimes, you help the other person, too!!


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The Ten Elephant Cuddle

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Me cuddling the boys, drawn by Eldest for Mothers’ Day

We are a cuddly bunch in our house.  We are happiest lying like a pride of lions: limbs strewn, hair tousled, comfy clothes on, not any set agenda.

Three out of four of us would take an afternoon nap any day of the week.  The remaining one doesn’t mind watching/doing something quietly while the other three indulge (in whatever combination); and he’s quite partial to someone stroking his feet 😉 When he was under five, he would nap for two straight hours, so he understands our energy dips!

We (well, the boys and I, mostly…) can also be very LOUD and EMOTIONAL and CRAZY, but a hug has magic properties!  Even if one of us is still full of RAGE and not ready to calm straight down, a hug lets them know another person cares.  That they are still part of the family.

Our unit’s members might get really FRUSTRATED and GRUMPY and just plain FED UP with each other at times, but they still love each other fiercely.  Maybe a little too fiercely, hence the arguments…!

The boys adore me. 

Me and Eldest, joined by ‘heartstrings’

They love stroking my tummy and telling me how every stretchmark was made by their tiny selves (and that I have a ‘food baby’ in there – once I’ve eaten and it isn’t flat!). 

Both boys were breastfed (Youngest ‘still’ is) so they see breasts as wonderous things that kept them full as babies (Eldest self-weaned at 10 months) and still help Youngest feel comforted when he is hurt, ill or tired. 

They love stroking my arms, counting the moles on my legs (!) – and Youngest quite often feels compelled to “kiss oo buniwins betta”, even though I have tried to discourage him maaaany times from putting his mouth near my feet…!

The boys especially love it when they are allowed to mess my hair up (I must add that is quite often, because I walk a lot of miles, and I’m usually windswept anyway) and they always exclaim that the resulting styles make me look even prettier than I had done – before kissing my nose or cheek (or elbow.  Youngest is going through a very cute phase).

We can have a really packed day, with many exciting things going on, and yet the boys will always cite “cuddles!” as one of their favourite take aways.  We usually ask them around bedtime what they had enjoyed the most, and hugs are even on a par with visiting Santa, searching for Easter eggs or going to a party!

Bedtime, as all you parents out there can probably attest to, is when their little hearts are unburdened the most.  Around the story book shared, their own stories and emotions tumble out.  Sometimes it can be an obvious ploy to delay the light snapping off, but most of the time it is something they have carried with them all day (sometimes all week) and they feel comfortable enough with their parent to finally share. 

Brushing them off at these moments can be devastating,  No matter how hungry/impatient/tired/all of this I feel, I have learned that they need to feel heard and that everything is going to be ok because they aren’t alone, they are part of your team, and you are there for them whenever they need it.

I read an article a while back (not sure if it was this one?) about how it takes at least six seconds to really register a hug, so I came up with the “Ten Elephant Cuddle” for Eldest (as Youngest was still small and getting prolonged/breastfed hugs a lot, anyway).  It started a few months into Primary one, I think, just as I was hearing more sadness and worries from Eldest at bedtime, and the social competition was starting to bite from his class. No matter how ARRRRGH things had been during the day, we looked forward to it!

Eldest had to put his arms tight around my neck, and I had to put my arms right around his whole body, and I would count with him:

1 el-e-phant

2 el-e-phant…

We would usually go past 10 and he would still be holding me.  When he finally let me go, he’d give me a big sleepy smile and look like a weight had been taken from him.  It was so worth it.

Since the boys had that tummy bug the week before Easter, Youngest has been falling asleep in his own bed more often.  He was eager to do the “Ten Elephant Cuddle” but one evening started to say ‘Crocodile’ instead. 


Now the boys choose what animal they want to use to count with, and a few times nonsense words like ‘Helipop’ are used instead!  I find it incredibly sweet that Eldest usually plumps for ‘Elephant’, however.  It really shows he loves our wee ritual – he always gives me a conspiring smile!

I explained our tradition to my mum pal over our café meet on Monday, and she tried it with her daughters that night. Apparently they all enjoyed it, too (‘cupcakes’ featured in theirs, I’m told!). 

It really is a lovely way to bond with the kiddies.  Let me know if you try it and – of course – what they chose to count in!!



Further reading about the science behind a good hug: here and especially the third comment down on here


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Hello 🙂

The sun shone on me today.

(It’s been shining for over a week, but today it seemed to penetrate)

The ol’ pelvis has retreated to a twingy murmur as I walk, so getting the boys to the school was not too much of an ordeal.  Even although we left the house pretty late, there was still time for me to cuddle Youngest into nursery, and then rush back to Eldest’s line (where he was at the front) to flash the sign for ‘I Love You’ at him as he filed in with his pals.

I parked the rickety buggy outside the nursery, pulled up on the gravel around the walkway (checking with one of the nursery team it was ok to leave it there) then wandered off to the little shop to get some money out, having a pleasant chat with one of my mum pals.  We went in her car to the local café, but there was a notice on the door saying it was closed while new management took over.  We ended up at the café of a local garden centre instead, and put the world to rights, as us mums do!

Surveying all the land he owned as king...Youngest was in a good mood and walked all the way home with me, stopping to point out numbers and letters on signs, and also to climb on the end of a barrier and tell me he was ‘Da King of da Castle’ while taking in the view.

I love his little rituals 😉

As I had been out all morning, and doing bloggy stuff in the evening, the house was still trashed from the end of yesterday; but I had cleaned the main bathroom quickly in the morning before school, so I just flew around with the vacuum and straightened a few things up a bit.  My mum had assured me that she was cool with the fact that not much had been done in the way of housework in the last week, due to my pelvic problems.

Youngest was amazing and changed his pull-up by himself, washed his hands, then tidied all the toys into their proper places in the playroom.  Our boys become very helpful if a grandparent visit is promised!!

We had a lazy lunch, then Youngest fell asleep before the buggy-and-tunes extravaganza that is my usual school pick-up routine.

It was Eldest’s turn to be amazing after school, as he kept an eye on Youngest in the buggy while I darted into the shop and bought cake for our visitors (Youngest had reminded me earlier).  There was only one hairy moment where I lost sight of the door, and consequently the boys, for longer than I liked in the crowded shop; but all was ok.  Youngest was still asleep when I got out, we had cake, and Eldest had behaved impeccably!  Win!

When my Mum and Dad arrived, I was presented with this lovely chap:

My Mum had made him ages ago, and he’d been unearthed while moving things for decorating their house.  Who wouldn’t love a friendly owl?! Perfect timing with the reading I’m doing just now 😉

As he is attached to slate, and my Mum has performed her own kind of wizardry on him, he can even live outside in our back garden.  Dad fixed him to one of our fence posts, and now the clever mosaic can be spied from both the playroom and my bedroom.

I absolutely love looking at him 😀

Dad, Hubby and the boys all came to the conclusion he should scare the cats that poop near there, now.  I’m not convinced, but anything’s worth a try…

The boys filled the remaining time with teaching my folks card games.  It’s a grandparent theme, it would seem!  I also plied my parents with tea and cake, so all you can see are my Dad’s legs in the pic, I’m afraid!


I did get around to writing a poem today, too!  When I read the words I thought verse would be easier than a story.  I did go for a good bit of rhyme, however:


Stove  Cent  Clever  Sheep  Guiltless  Creator  Shaggy  Maddening  Bite

(A smoky stove puffed out at me…)

“I will not spend a cent

On any kind of trickery

On which your clever mind is bent.


My wallet won’t be herded like

A silly flock of sheep

‘New kitchen’ thoughts can take a hike,

They’re anything but cheap!


You like to act all guiltless

But you’re the creator of my WOES

I swear that we’ve just built this

Damn wing of the house! Lord knows


I put up with your shaggy cat,

His maddening balls of hair;

His tendency to bite me that

“He doesn’t mean…” You swear.


I bought those shoes, and handbag too!

The clothes you had to wear –

So a NEW COOKER’s out the question: you

Can make do with WHAT’S THERE!!”


Geez, grumpy much?!  What kind of husband throws all that back in a woman’s face, I ask you…?

After a lovely day, I topped it off by finishing not just the eighth Famous Five adventure I was reading to the children, but also the book I was reading to myself.  I love the fact that Eldest is as excited as I am that we’ll each be embarking on a fresh book tomorrow (I’m re-reading them both, of course, but it’s still a wonderful feeling – and the boys will be hearing FF9 for the first time!)



I will leave you with a last look at our handsome new garden addition, cos he’s worth it! 

Well done Mopples, and thanks again, we loooove him! 😀








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Hello, lovely reader 😉


From Randomlists

Instead of a random poem, today I went for a random, 15 minute story. 

I was still feeling a bit sore (though much better) and just wanted to kick back.  Hubby took the kids out to a park, so I had some time 🙂


Ink  Structure  Sound  Seemly  Basketball  Increase  Wild  Purple  Unsightly

Sucking on the end of her pen absentmindedly, the taste of ink came as a surprise.  Maybe if she just spat it everywhere, her sentence structure would become passable?

The sound of others’ pen-tapping grew louder in her ears than she deemed seemly.  Surely whacking a writing implement off a page (like a basketball off a house) was frowned upon under exam conditions?

The increase in her off-topic reflections was starting to annoy her, too.  What was with that wild part of her that couldn’t knuckle down to the job in hand? 

Why was she asking stupid questions again? 

Why did she still have that earworm from yesterday?!

Dear GOD she hated that song.

All out of answers, both to her own queries and the exam’s, she grabbed the trusty purple Biro from the groove in her desk; and tried to make the hat her doodle-man was wearing appear a little less unsightly.

Maybe she’d get marks for artistic flair…?


I read this yesterday, about ‘showing’ instead of ‘telling’ one’s reader things. I don’t think the above story really complies, but the link has given me a lot to think about for future ones. 

I had fun with my piece, anyway.





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Hi there!

The beady eyed among you will see that there does not appear to be a post for yesterday, but fear not for there is a poem and pics and a wee ramble, but I have just got a day behind and I knew this would be a quicker post to edit!!

As my pelvis has been sore, and my parents in law were here over the bank holiday weekend, I have been trying to ease up on the blogging workload a bit.  Been writing the poetry but not fitting in the type-up.  I will soon get back into gear, this ouchiness can’t last for ever *nervous chuckle*

From Textfixer

Eldest was taken to a party by hubby today, and Youngest was happy to watch the tablet and then cuddle me, so I had an afternoon nap and everything!  It is a shame that my pelvis problems have coincided with lots of gorgeous weather, but I do feel the kids and I have had quite a lot of fresh air this week 😉

The generator only threw up one word that I was unsure of: ‘chromatic’.  I don’t know if how I used it works, but I know what I was trying to say…


Revenge  Exact  Dignitary  Analysis  Concussion  Mouth  Parasite  Chromatic  Pig


The revenge he would exact

Upon the unsuspecting dignitary

Confounded all analysis…


Suffering only a mild concussion

And a bleeding mouth

From the ensuing confusion;

The assailant somehow detached from the throng

And slipped away –

A fatal parasite.


No cameras showed his escape.

The tapes played their

Awkwardly-chromatic loops

On every news channel, for days.

We all were repeatedly sickened

On hearing the dignitary squeal

Like some afflicted pig.


Blood red scribbles…

There was not much finesse put into today’s poem, it must be said, but it’s better than no writing at all being done, after all *repeats as mantra to self*

I have been enjoying hopping on others’ blogs as they follow me on Twitter, and seeing the diversity of writing talent out there.  It is lovely that people take the time to come and see what I am up to, too.

I am compiling a list of the writers whose work I want to spend more time with.  There does seem to be a set of lovely ‘regulars’ around the writing prompts, and I am having fun myself with a few of the words that pop up.

It can be very tempting to tap around Twitter and use up all my spare time when I am feeling particularly lonely and at odds with my writing.  (Maybe that’s why I topped 100 followers yesterday!  Thanks if you’re one of them!)  It’s lovely chatting to other wordy people, partaking in banter, reading writing advice, checking out new books, watching gifs and videos…

If you would like to keep up with all my shenanigans, come and visit me!  A link to my Twitter handle and Facebook page are below 🙂


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Copyright © 2017  Montaffera All Rights Reserved
Please do not use any of my content (posts, pictures, poetry etc) without my permission, but feel free to link back to my blog if something catches your eye. Thank you!


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Youngest decided, around 8.15am, that he would NOT be riding in the buggy today.

Not for bribery of any kind.

Not for mum who was very tired and impatient, and could actually have just laid herself down on the drive, and cried for a month about how ridiculously fed up she was with all the nonsense that ensues when she mentions it is time to get ready for school/nursery/anywhere that requires clothes – whether the kids were just telling me two seconds beforehand that they were impatient to go, or not:  Every.  Single.  Morning.

I reminded Youngest that he’d have to carry his bag as my pelvis hurt:

“I’m fine of dat!”

He’d have to walk really fast, because Eldest couldn’t be late for school:

“I’m fine of dat!  I’m four now!  I walk weely quickly now! I can keep up wiv oo!”

I wouldn’t take the buggy, so he’d get tired and have nowhere to rest:

“I don’t NEED a west!  I’m a big boy! I weely STWOOOOONG!”

Etc, ad nauseum…


So we all walked.

The boys carried their bags brilliantly for the first quarter of a mile or so:

Then we got round the corner a bit from this pic, and Youngest stopped and said:

“OOOOOOH!! Why didn’t oo bwing da BUGGY muuuum?  Oo going too FAST for me! I want to go in da buggy now!”

Eldest was quite far ahead, but (bless him) he came back and took Youngest’s hand:

“Why don’t you hold mummy with your other hand, and we can help you keep up?”

This worked pretty well, along with me telling the boys about when Eldest was four and how he used to walk everywhere, and the things we used to talk about. Youngest was also allowed to push the hallowed button:

Which was a very big concession on Eldest’s part!

Eldest got into his line by the skin of his teeth, after having to stop and eat something on the last bit of the journey.  A flushed Youngest snaffled an oat bar while I wrestled his feet into his shoes in the nursery cloakroom, and he was in and sorted (and hugged) before the ‘hello time’ bell had been rung.

I went straight to the wee shop beside the school and bought carrot cake, a titchy bottle of PROPER Irn Bru, and some Empire Biscuits (which I would share with hubby) then I hobbled home, hating my backpack as it dug into my shoulders.  Oh to be able to feel confident enough to not lug all those ‘useful things’ in it around with us evvvverywhere 😉

Youngest was still full of beans when he got out of nursery (but not literally), and walked most of the way home after fueling up on a sandwich or two.

In a pleasant twist, Youngest was also able to hug his brother before leaving, as the primary twos were out watching the  primary six’s cricket match in the school grounds (as one does on a lovely day) and Eldest was sitting near enough the nursery to caress without disrupting the whole class 🙂

I think Youngest walked 2.5 miles in total, today.  Not bad!

On the way back to get Eldest later, Youngest was sound asleep; so I got to listen to my tunes a little while I powered down the pavement; trying to walk the annoying pelvic thrum off (cos that’ll work).

It was windy, but glorious! Eldest pushed the buggy a lot for me as we headed home.  He was really kind today, actually.

It was the turn of the Jimpix generator, so there were two words I had not come across before, and two I needed to firm up my understanding of: ‘collop, ‘Mallie’, ‘lucrum’ and ‘Joule’.  The second to last link made me laugh as it is so repetitive.  That last one is about the guy himself.  What I quickly learned about him helped greatly with the end of my poem 😉


Collop  Tux  Cheetah  Innovative  Celery  Mallie  Ferrari  Lucrum  Joule

I watched the saucy collop slide

Down the front of his tux –

And her run to him,

With cheetah speed,

To mop it up.

I was SO bored.


There is nothing innovative

At these events.

Crunching celery with Mallie

(While some pr**k speaks

Of his Ferrari’s prang)

Is not scintillating.


Lazily, I wondered

About the true energisers –

Effervescent souls

Giving off a buzz –

What lucrum was there

In being the next James Prescott Joule?


(At least he’d know

A thing or two

About running a decent p**s-up…?)


Now, I really should rest these nagging muscles and relax into my weekend…

Toodles for now, lovely readers!






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