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Hi there 🙂

Eldest was very pleased with his rabbit from the toothfairy, as detailed here, and the boys’ chat and subsequent friendly breakfast was a nice way to start our morning.  They did seem genuinely confused that there was no Irn Bru inside Rab, however…

Hubby went into the office today, so the boys and I walked down to school together, Youngest between me and his brother.  Eldest hands in his homework book on a Monday, so he soon relinquished his extra-heavy bag and let me carry it, which was a challenge as I already had my trusty loaded rucksack to contend with!  I ended up carrying the four year old and his bag for the last few metres, too, so I got a bit of a workout before breakfast!  He did go and chat to a sister of his friend, however.  He had energy for socialising 😉

I wandered back, once I had successfully mothered the boys into their day, listening to ‘Seether Radio’ on Spotify.  I met a neighbour near home, and we ended up standing in the drizzle chatting outside my house for a good half hour, because we both had a lot to do and didn’t have time for coffee…of course!

Youngest was in his new dungarees for the first time today, and it was not until the last minute that I had realised that although I had thought I was ordering the same as Eldest’s online, Youngest’s were not lined with fleece.  I checked this before going to nursery pick up, and realised that sure enough: the listing had been changed since I’d bought Eldest’s.  Sneaky! 

Youngest had, meanwhile, been trying them out for me in the nursery garden! I am pleased to report they did well 😉 After his energetic morning, he asked to go in the buggy before we even got near the traffic lights.  It took about two seconds for him to fall asleep, as I had tilted the seat.  He settled in and told me: “Aaaah dis is much comfier, mummy! Keep it like dis all da time!” just before closing his eyes, heehee.

I met a nice lady who had recently lost her husband as I got near our street.  I had been admiring the plantlife around me as she had approached (it had stopped drizzling), and we had a wandering conversation about Eldest’s class topic, her teaching days, and how her husband had known the names of trees and flowers better than she did.  It is lovely to have moments in my day when the kids are cared for and I can just connect with people I see out and about.  Although her loss was still raw (I gave her a big hug) it was a lovely, positive chat; with birdsong and blooms all around us.  Pretty life-affirming!

Youngest was not best pleased with being woken from his nap.  It took a lot of cajoling for him to get changed out of his muddy clothes, and cleaned up for lunch.  He finally did cooperate and changed himself, then showed me his studied technique for brushing his nails – he gets them cleaner than I can!

Youngest elected to stay awake indefinitely after lunch, and was messing about in the buggy all the way down the road, but also stroking my hands and telling me he loved me, so I forgave him!  I chatted to some mum pals and Eldest’s teacher for a bit while Eldest was on the Trim Trail in the playground, then we were homeward bound.

Youngest begged out of the buggy on the last half of the journey, and he and Eldest ran ahead frolicking around another mum we see walking home sometimes with her kids.  Luckily she was not upset by this, and I was able to keep them at least part way civil…

The boys went on the tablet and I got dinner organised (pasta and cheese, fancy fare…) and once hubby came home, I got a few things ready for the evening. Hubby was hoping to attend a meeting of our  community council, and leaving me to do bathtime solo (!) I hung a washing on our indoor lines, sorted school and nursery clothes for tomorrow, and made sure there were PJs available for the boys to change into. Our boys usually get ‘Daddy Time’ after dinner, tidy up and homework are out of the way; but today I just asked them to tidy the playroom as usual and let them have 20 minutes’ wind down with Hubby. One night without the usual reading and maths consolidation won’t jeopardise Eldest’s education 😉

The boys were not happy that I was doing bathtime and they would not be spending it with Daddy, but the meeting was about proposals for a substantial number of houses to be built in our village, that has implications for our school community and road safety.  We thought it best that Hubby went along to check it out.

I bathed Youngest while Eldest played, then visa versa (Youngest had made the choice for us by stripping everything off and running about shrieking…) then it was supper and a chapter of the tenth Famous Five instalment.  I was very impressed by the boys’ washing and toothbrushing skills again.  They are getting so independent!

The boys fell asleep pretty quickly, almost before I had even left the room!  I feel a bit bad now, because I had rushed their chapter a bit, thinking that Hubby would be back with the chippie any minute, but the meeting seems to be going on longer than I thought!!

I went for a school theme for today’s poem, after pondering all the different ways I could use ‘lime’ and whether I could link it to a graveyard. Funny how my brain works…


Honorary  Bell  Royal  Camel  Grasshopper  Lime  Graveyard  Rassling  Code


I had an honorary seat

At the front, under watchful nonchalance

When the bell rang.

I felt like a royal fool.

What had possessed me to open that letter…?

I could still see the roughly drawn camel

And the crudely scribbled phrase…!


God KNOWS what the grasshopper meant?!


The teacher’s patterned lime top

Was the only thing shouting,

The emptied room was graveyard quiet.

Instead, I was left fidgeting

Rassling with my impulse

To start explaining in a rush.

I listened to her finishing her marking…


Maybe her pen-scratches were teacher Morse code?


I looked up the Urban Dictionary to see what it made of ‘grasshopper’.  Option 4 probably fits the poem best…?!

Please excuse the notebook page, the orange biro doesn’t scan very well, but I love using it!

I’d better sign off before Hubby gets back with my dinner and it goes cold. 

Toodles for now!



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Of A Spring Walk – And A Gingery Request

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I had a shower after midnight, so Youngest complimented my hair when he first saw me this morning!  Both boys also gave me lingering cuddles when I finally opened my eyes for good, sometime after 8am, so I can’t have smelt too bad, either. 😉

I need a new pair of shoes because the ones I got in the January sales have big holes in them (as I’ve worn them most days since!).  Hubby ordered me some on the PC – in between taking snaps of me and the boys lazing about.

The kids got rowdy, and were play-fighting a bit. Eldest suddenly gasped and handed me his front tooth!  Youngest had managed to knock it out, as he did last time!  Eldest had shown me that it was very loose yesterday, but it was still pretty attached to his gum…obviously that changed quite quickly!  The weird thing is that it is actually a year to the day since his second bottom tooth fell out, and today’s was his second top tooth…

Eldest had told me yesterday that he was hoping for ‘a bunny’ from the fairy, and I had looked up a pattern that I had slightly adapted, back when he was two (to fashion him a holiday companion).  It is a Lucy Collin one, and she offers it free on her blog, which is wonderfully kind!  So, in the car on our way back from a ‘Spring Walk’ to fulfil one of Eldest’s homework tasks,  I asked him what colour he would like his bunny to be.  He decided it should be orange (his favourite colour).  I had kind of suspected this, and had the yarn to boot, so I asked him if he’d like it to be the same colour as my (handy) Irn Bru.  He thought that was a great idea!

Hubby piped up at this point (he was driving) that if it was going to be modelled on Irn Bru, the bunny would have to be christened ‘Rab’…!  Once we’d explained to Eldest why that was a very fitting name (made me chuckle, anyway!) he agreed!

Our Spring walk did not see the boys in very good form.  They had both flatly refused to go at first, because we went on a similar ‘Spring Growth Hunt’ over the May Day weekend with Grandma and Papa. To go on another one was, apparently, boring. I was taking pictures of flowers in the grass and by the banks of the Loch, while they waited in the drizzle and basically complained about how long I was taking!

We did have a learning experience looking at the snaps later and searching for them in the book Grandma and Papa had given him about flowers, however.  Eldest even grudgingly enjoyed it!

To continue with the plant-y theme, hubby and I also re-potted Eldest’s Sunflower, which was towering over its humble plastic cup.  We have kept it inside the house and on the sideboard in the livingroom  still, but at least its roots have some expansion room now.

I was wondering if the Jimpix generator would offer me any plant related prompts so I could write a poem that would tie in with today’s exploits (or even tooth or bunny ones?) but, as we know, that generator is a law unto itself and…it didn’t.

It taught me some new stuff, though 😉 ‘Eur, ‘Scorpius, ‘xeric and ‘forebitt’ were not easy to fit into a natural-sounding flow, however.  How does one marry a business complexy thing with a constellation, hot climate and part of a ship…in 15 minutes?!  Well, I fell back on the old faithful of the creative conversations that kids love to involve their parents in.  The below is partway fictional, but indictitive  of the kind of chat that goes on in our house!




Alligator  Eur  Scorpius  Older  Xeric  Ginger  Gambler  Venture  Forebitt


He made his phone snap shut

In that Alligator way

That had our youngest laughing.

Hubby sat on our bed

Chuckling too (one would never guess

That the call from the Eur was important)


Our little Scorpius –

Lying as he was between hubby’s balance

And my wandering tutelage –

Got that look in his eyes,

The older head on;

Pierced us with his chocolate gaze…


Quizzed us on Africa,

Asking us which animal

“Was weally king” (in such xeric climes)

Whether a gingery giraffe “was weally owange”

And (if he were to turn gambler)

Would hubby back “A wino” or “a cwoc”?!


Eldest came through, to join our venture,

Shaking up the choices

By introducing dinosaurs and ‘bots.

Until the original question

Was but a forebitt –

(Arms and legs and) cabling running far…


Hubby is a Libra and I am a Sagittarian – Scorpius is between these constellations, which I play with in the poem.  (This description of Sagittarians is scarily accurate in the most part.  And there I was, thinking I was unique 😉 ) Both our boys were born under the sign of Aries!

No, I don’t actually believe in horoscopes! They just make me smile.

So, I have my agenda sorted for this evening, with Eldest needing to write a few more captions for the pics we took of him completing homework tasks, and general other learning type shenanigans.  Plus there is a Rab to create, of course, which I will add to the ‘Toothfairy Tales’ updates as soon as I can!

I think it’s going to be a late night again…



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Eldest made us proud today, while also giving us a grudging laugh.
I was woken by Eldest coughing just after 7.30am and, as it is the weekend, I told him he was free to go downstairs and grab himself an oat bar or something to tide him over until us parents could get him some breakfast. I was shattered and went back to bed (stayed up lateish again doing blog stuff…)
I heard the kids playing after that, but must have fallen back to sleep for a bit because I was woken about ten minutes after I had last looked at the clock, by Eldest rustling something. Upon my investigation, it transpired that Youngest had pooped in the potty and Eldest had come up to get him a pull-up…after having wiped Youngest’s bum for him!! I was really touched that Eldest would have done that for his wee brother, and told him so. Eldest gave me a sly little smile and informed me that Youngest also had acquired the tablet…!! 😀
Hubby got up at this point and went down to the playroom WC in trepidation, to make sure there wasn’t a faecal disaster unfolding. There wasn’t: Eldest had not only cleaned up his brother, but he had emptied the potty neatly, too! I know that it was all probably motivated by them wanting to keep the tablet viewing a secret from us, but that is pretty impressive big brothering nonetheless…I am a big sister. and I have never tried to clean my siblings’ bottoms!
Unfortunately, I discovered later that the boys had also sneaked under Hubby’s radar (I was sorting washing out) and snaffled half an individual raspberry tart and a shortbread from the kitchen side. These two are a force to be reckoned with. That little bit of teamwork cost them their viewing privileges for the rest of the day!!

Eldest read ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’ to himself, but the boys did seem to spend an inordinate amount of time telling us parents how bored they were. Especially through our lunch…hubby played with them a lot while I did housework and blog stuff, but the boys were still following me about any chance they could get. I gave out lots of cuddles, but it was all pretty tense in the house today (it was raining so there were no excursions. We still all have the ends of our cold).
Today’s generator words took me to the conclusion of a court case, which was different:



Fossil  Plaintiff  Team  Use  Character  Demonstration  Flourish  Wheat  Lesson
The fossil of a judge
Ruled in favour of the plaintiff,
And the family team high-fived
On the benches.

The accused was heard to use
A few colourful words
That did not raise his character;
And a gesticular demonstration followed.

The court reporter stretched, with a flourish,
Corralled paper sheafs like wheat;
Hoping to make his bread and butter
From this sad lesson in morality.


It is chilli night tonight, so hopefully the boys will be in a better mood for that. Youngest has had a nap and Eldest is quieter, anyway…

 Please excuse the formatting of this post, the editing function is playing up this evening!!

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Hiya 🙂

Today we all got up around 6.40am, and Hubby was going to go into work on the later train, but decided against it at the last minute.  He had obviously been in a rush though, bless him; because I stumbled out of the shower and into clothes just in time to wave goodbye…then noticed that Youngest had one of Eldest’s vests on (which looked like a skirt!) under his own vest and nursery jumper – and Eldest was still sporting the pants he’d slept in and one of Youngest’s vests under his uniform!  None of my menfolk could fathom why, haha!

I ran about making beds, finding Youngest’s nursery polo shirt and cleaning down the shower door; then we got out at 8.23am and made it down to the school gates twenty minutes later.  I felt very proud of us!

Youngest chatted away to one of his pals while he undid his jacket and changed his shoes himself.  I popped his badge on him, signed him in, then gave him hugs as he went to get some paper to “dwaw anuvver tummy pictcha”.  Eldest ran over and gave me a huge hug as soon as I neared his line, worrying about some boys who were playing football near the windows.  He soon scurried back as the bell went, however, and took his place at the head of the line where he’d left his bag. 

I sauntered to the local shop, and ended up having a serious conversation with one of the mums I know, which ended (as these things do) with me doling out hugs and resolving to be more grateful for all the good I am blessed with in this world… 

With my new attitude, I kept the headphones in and Spotify on, and blitzed the house for 45 minutes.  I then had a quick look on Twitter and Facebook while eating a marmalade roll (I hadn’t had breakfast, I suddenly realised).

I went out to collect Youngest a little late, and he had made two drawings of him in my tummy, and he was filthy from having played on ‘the hill’ in the nursery garden again!  I had to change the plaster for yesterday’s graze on his finger after wiping his hands with about four wipes.  He proceeded to wolf down a sandwich, but turned his nose up half way through his slice of toast, claiming it was ‘dust bwead’ and Daddy hadn’t toasted it ‘pwopaly’.

I was regaled with tales of others and their snacks, had to join Youngest in waving to a dog and another child, and photograph him in various poses on the ‘King of the Castle bit’.  Only then did Youngest deem it time to retire to his buggy.  He did not fall asleep, however, preferring to chat for the rest of the way back. 

Youngest went about changing his own clothes and pull-up when we got in, letting me do a bit more housework.  He asked for his usual lunch of a buttered roll followed by a packet of crisps (as apparently the food he has walking home is not lunch).  He stayed awake until it was time to get him in the buggy again, then he got comfy and drifted off while I pottered about checking we had everything.

Eldest had a brief go on the ‘Trim Trail’ when he came out, but I managed to get him on the road home pretty quickly.  He unfortunately had a scuffle with a boy he knows from primary one over who got to push the traffic light button, but luckily the other mum didn’t hold it against him!  I was not best pleased with his behaviour…!

Youngest slept through everything until we rounded the corner of our street.  Both our boys zoomed about getting out of their outdoor clothes, and my parents arrived about ten minutes later.

The kids and my Mum devised a game where the old pushchair box could be upended and the boys could try to throw balls into it.  They had great fun knocking the box over, resurrecting it, then trying to be successful from all different angles! 

My lovely Dad had brought different kinds of fastenings for our garden mosaic, and was out with his drill  again.  We watched him from the playroom window.  I think he can rest easier now, as I don’t think he was entirely happy with the fixings before 😉

Maybe his efforts fed into tonight’s poem?  I immediately thought tools when I saw ‘wrench’ and ‘box’ in the same offering!


Wrench  Wave  Box  Change  Donkey  Dreary  Pastoral  Religion  Slip


I pass him a wrench,

Interpreting the wave towards the box

As a plea for help.


He does his own oil change

And loves tinkering with engines.

He finds it exciting,

(I just see donkey work)


He’s fanatical though,

Almost lifts the subject out of dreary

Even for me.


He loves taking tearaways under his wing –

Turning pastoral –

Indoctrinating them into the religion of the grimy machine.


He whistles as I slip him the right tool at last;

The radio competing for supremacy.


My parents left about 15 minutes before Hubby came in, and we had pizzas with the boys about half an hour later.  The boys were tired and grumpy to start with, but soon warmed to their usual chat about toppings (real and imaginary) and what everyone had been up to in the day.

I feel so much better than I did on Tuesday and Thursday, I think there is a lot that can be said for getting exercise.  I have walked 9 miles and done about 90 minutes’ housework today!

I think I need to go and curl up with a book and my boys now…night night!



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Again hubby was working from home, and again I was feeling pretty awful today! I was blessed with a lovely cuddle from our boys when I opened my eyes, however.  That’s always worth waking for 😉

Today’s artwork from Youngest was a little more graphic.  Apparently the dots in this one represent blood because I am pushing him out!!  It is not like we watch One Born Every Minute together or anything, honest…

I was absolutely done in after lunch, despite not having actually done much, so I lay down on the couch to rest my eyes.  Youngest joined me and, next thing I knew, Eldest was clattering through the door with Hubby!  It turns out Youngest and I looked too peaceful to disturb when school pick-up time rolled around, so Hubby just went down to the school by himself.  He’s such a lovely guy 😉

There was great excitement very soon, however, as Eldest completed his ‘SBoy Adventure’ game on the tablet!  120 levels done in about a month’s very determined playing!  Big proud smiles came from our seven year old, and Youngest even deemed the occasion important enough to warrant him getting up off the couch to come and congratulate his brother!  (I will never know how Eldest can play these games using his middle instead of pointer fingers.  My whole hand would cramp up in a matter of minutes!)

I started to feel a lot better after my nap, but the boys were not happy with each other, so I did quite a bit of refereeing while trying to thank Twitter followers and look at my blog stats etc.  We did all have a yummy pork dinner together in the end, though.

I was a bit stumped when I started the timer to write my poem.  With all the buzzing in my head today, I wasn’t sure how to fit the words together at all.  In the end I went for a rather strange formula, but I did get all the selection in!


Apple  Wolf  Pimp  Prediction  Shocking  Blindly  Settler  Finite


And the noise that apple cart made

Reverberated through my life…


Somewhere, a wolf howled,

The sky got darker;

And some pimp stole another

Poor girl’s innocence.


As the moon rose:

A fortuneteller gasped

As her prediction reached

A shocking conclusion.


A lost boy, in ripped clothes,

Stumbled blindly through a wood;

Chased by some dark shape.


A settler ousted a native

From their own land,




In reality,

This moment –

I stood defiant in their midst.


My breaths are finite,

I won’t waste any on them.


There are small people wanting me to read the Famous Five – and cake and tea with Hubby for afters.  I shall bid you adieu.

I hope you liked the poem 🙂





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I took the boys into school today, despite reading some awesome fiction from Twitter until about 2.20am 😉

The boys were not very cooperative, but I still managed to get to the gates before 8.50am.  Youngest was happy to see his friends and wandered off after hugging me, and Eldest seemed ok in his line as well.

I had a quick detour to buy Empire Biscuits in the shop and grabbed a wee blether with another mum I know, too.  Then it was Seether and Drowning Pool in the ears all the way home, while pushing the vacated buggy.  I was even complimented on my hair by a lovely lady just as I came to the park near our home! That was a surprise as its refresh is about two months overdue :-0

I did a bit of eating, Twitter tapping and housework, then headed back out to get Youngest around 11.20am, again listening to music.

  Youngest gave me a big smile from where he was sitting on the floor in his group, and presented me with a drawing of “me inside oo tummy, mummy!”.  It has become a bit of a theme recently, and his keyworker joked that maybe he wants me to have another baby!!  This is waaay out of the question (not my idea of a suitable 40th present!)  but Youngest is a bit obsessed.  Today’s picture was just of him floating about, but he likes to draw Eldest in there sometimes, too.  They are usually both in some stage of dancing! 

Last June, Eldest drew a picture of his c-section birth…with him in a breech position and everything!  It’s the expression on my face (not to mention his and the surgeon’s!) and the caption of “Ouch” that really sell it to me. 

I wonder if this (Mail Online) article is onto anything?!

I was admiring Youngest’s curls on the way home.  They really sit nicely sometimes.  He points out that one of his girl pals at nursery has curlier hair than him, but I still like taking pics of his 😉 look at the back ones!

After thinking about the boys’ drawings of my pregnancies, it amused me that ‘Vesta’ appeared as one of my words.  I had to look up ‘cowbird’ and ‘andante’. ‘Coiltie’ is usually split into two words, but is at the start of a few street names in Inverness spelt like this!  It wasn’t until I was about to start writing the poem that I realised I had ten words instead of nine?  Not sure what happened there, but I just went with it!






Cowbird  Precious  Vesta  Alps  Coiltie  Andante  Eggy  Freeze  Habit  Outside


She was the kind of tormentor

That had a cowbird flock around her

Hoping for precious pickings.

To hear her speak

I was akin to Vesta

(An exaulted position

Totally unintended on her part)


At least the boys were

A bit more…up front;

Pointing to me with stupid phrases like

“The Alps are looking good today!

I’d like to rest in that valley..”


Apparently, living in Coiltie Road

Was a euphemism.

Boys liked to walk andante

Past me, leering.


But, I’m not taking offence;

One day their faces will be eggy

And freeze in shock

As their jibes and nonsense

Won’t see me forced into a nun’s habit

But see me making millions

Lying outside swanky hotels

Modelling  luxurious beachwear.


I obviously have fans already…


I’m not too enamoured with the poem, but I do like the image of the hangers-on types around bullies being referred to as Cowbirds 😉

Hubby has managed to get home early tonight and is making the kids’ dinner, and we are going to have a chippie later, which I always look forward to.  I really thought I would be more tired than I am as I walked all the nine miles today and felt so yuck yesterday! I was obviously needing the fresh air.

I had to shut the window in Eldest’s room earlier, however, as a rather large wasp wandered in and was none too pleased at being asked to leave, with a paperback…summer’s coming!!

Hope you have a great evening, see you tomorrow!


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I woke up aching, as if a large vehicle had squashed me in the night.  It was a struggle to open my eyes, and my head felt like someone was shoving it sideways as I attempted to lift it from the pillow.  Youngest came for his morning cuddle, but didn’t stay long, I kept drifting in and out of consciousness. 

Eventually hubby asked when I was getting up (he had fed and dressed the children while pottering about before working from home) and whether the kids were definitely going to school today.  I asked him what he thought.  He said they were both still pretty snotty and coughing.  The boys were back in PJs rather quickly!

After our nice creative day yesterday, I wanted to do some more lovely stuff, so I snuggled down into the couch with a boy on either side of me (after phoning the school) and read three chapters of our current Famous Five book, trying to ignore the rasp in my throat.  Eldest loved it, Youngest became very silly and started swinging himself about over the back of the couch and poking his toes into me, etc.  Extremely annoying. 

This broke the mood, so the kids went off to play with cars and superheroes instead.  I tried to do a bit of catching up with my Twitter, but my head was still feeling strange and my vision was being hampered by black fly-like floaters a lot, so I opted for staring at the news for a while in a horizontal position. 

We all had an earlyish lunch, but even that did not calm Youngest down much.  He refused to be quiet for more than five minutes together for the rest of the afternoon, and by the time Hubby finished work I was feeling rather green around the gills.  I did lie down on our bed for a while, but I had to keep getting up to break up fights!  Such is a mummy ‘sick day’…

I finally just gave in and played cards with them.  They won every game, despite me getting down to my last card a few times.  Typical!


By rights it should be a Jimpix day, but my head would probably fall off, so I’ve cheated and gone for Randomlists instead.

I am not sure what exactly is going on in today’s poem, but I think the speaker is maybe not who ‘he’ thinks she is…


Rings  Kick  Staking  Parsimonious  Employ  Orange  Arrange  Windy  Momentous


It gave three rings and –

I could kick myself –

I picked it up.

Within seconds he was

Staking a claim on my weekend,

Casting aside

My parsimonious excuses;

Pointing out that

Being in a Fat Cat’s gainful employ

Had its benefits.


I watched the orange blink

And wished it was not my spot

He’d be steering into.

Still, I felt myself arrange my hair

Before I opened the door.

The windy stair did not

Slow down his advance.

His smile was too broad,

His mood too good,

To hope for less than momentous news.


I should really try for an early night tonight.  Y’know, before 2am? 

Of course, I am now feeling some of the energy I could have done with earlier when the kids were awake, and I am able to breathe more easily 😉  there is a law governing that, isn’t there?!

One fab thing that did happen today is that I got a parenting post of mine featured on another blog.  Not bad eh? Definitely cheered me up! 😀


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My Cupboard

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Hey there 🙂

We were all feeling pretty rubbish today, still fuzzy-headed and runny with the cold.  Not only that, it was properly raining too!  Only Hubby made it out the door in the end. 

Youngest and I slept in until about 8.30am and Eldest until 9am.  I had got up briefly for Eldest around 6am to get him a fresh water, and he had said then that he was feeling very tired with a sore throat.  Youngest had looked too comfy so we’d left him as he had been coughing in the early hours again.  After lots of cuddles, the boys and I went down for breakfast.

Youngest asked for us to do painting, as he often does, and Eldest agreed that this would be a fun activity.  I did a bit of straightening of the house while the boys played, handed Eldest’s homework to a mum pal at the door so she could pop it in at the school office (homework had to be taken in if at all possible, I was told when I called the boys in sick!) and then got the kids to clear a path so I could set up the various painty bits n bobs.

They had made a windy and interesting train track while I’d been away!

Eldest put on an old t-shirt of Hubby’s (with Cookie Monster’s eyes!) and Youngest plumped for the old painting shirt the boys have been using for years.  I gave them: the cardboard sheets from board games that had housed the press-out pieces, some toilet roll innards, different sized sponge paint brushes, a small plastic bottle and lots of ready-mixed paint in old plastic fruit punnets (so they could get handprints on their pages if they wanted).  I also swirled some sparkly gold paint through the colours for extra interest.

They had great fun!  I especially love the running commentary that they both always give me, and how they remark about each other’s work so positively.

A page or so in, they started a study in faces.  Eldest used the toilet roll for eyes, Youngest freehanded.  They both suggested improvements to each other’s and these were enthusiastically taken on board. 

Youngest liked the mixing effect of rolling the cardboard over the paint, so the resultant partial covering of a second face painting, he said, was him having jumped in mud and been splashed all over! (See bottom right painting in the pic with the artwork all out to dry). 

Eldest then went on to do another of his faces, this time in orange; which is his favourite colour.

There was a lot of discussion around which colours mix to make which new colour.  Youngest was fascinated by purple, and Eldest by pink.  We do not often have the white paint asked for, but I had put some out today as a wee experiment, and they seemed pleased that it made things lighter.  We suspect that Eldest may be colour blind, so I have come back to these conversations a lot with him over the years.  It’s always lovely seeing the wonder in the kids’ faces when the paint changes before their eyes!

They stopped after 5 masterpieces each, as I had run out of drying room by then, and little tummies were rumbling.  Apart from me having to blow noses a lot (!), it was a very enjoyable wee session with the boys.  I put out the legs of our antique table, and managed to get all but one of the works on that.  The boys loved seeing me ‘magically’ extend the table as it is usually folded out of the way of their careening nonsense! It always has a wipe-clean cover on it anyway, so it didn’t come to any painty harm.

For the rest of the afternoon it was a late lunch and various combinations of cuddly people in front of Spiderman, Tin-Tin and Sonic the Hedgehog before Youngest  fell asleep around 4pm (which wasn’t a very good idea…).  He had probably exhausted himself by somehow figuring out how to unlock ‘Shadow’ on the Sonic game.  Eldest was mightily impressed!!

After watching the boys exploring their art skills this morning, I must have had a wee affect on the generator.  At least, ‘cupboard’ immediately made me smile:


Cupboard  Width  Radiation  Breeze  Rich  Terrace  Passage  Generate  Cater


I have a cupboard,

Built especially for me

Taking up most of the width of one wall.

It has special things inside;

Creative radiation

Emanates from it –

A tangible breeze.

I open this cupboard

And instantly feel rich

All this treasure


On a terrace of plastic boxes

Rests a happy passage in a card

Telling me ten traits that make me cool.


From this cupboard

I can generate peace;

Follow ideas

Play with dreams.

It can cater precisely to my wandering mind;

Then be closed,

To await me once more…


Eldest would also like to point out that this bottle picture shows how it landed when he flipped it.  Apparently this is all kinds of awesome 😉

It has been a good day, despite the cold having me feeling decidedly yucky at points. 

We have arts and crafts and writing and each other at home here, what else do we need?!





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In Clover

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Good Evening!

Look what hubby bought me from the store!!  I am so excited that there are orange and yellow biros in there 😀  I am such a sucker for stationary items.  I got to start a new notebook yesterday, and today there are pens to play with. 

Who said turning 40 this year meant that I had to be a grown up?!

Last night’s party was fab, but I did not take any photos other than of a kid to prove to Eldest he was there (I asked permission!), and some blurry shots of the Birthday Girl showing a friend her line dancing moves!

It was strange being out by myself, and the phone was not far from my hand just in case, but I definitely enjoyed myself.  It was funny being there with kids that were not mine around the place – knowing that I was not responsible for them, and yet being aware of how I was casually keeping tabs on them anyway. 

There were late teen/early twenty people there, people my own age with ‘proper’ jobs and then older members of the hostess’s family; and it was weird having the luxury of being able to observe how I fitted in to it all.  Getting to sit back and notice all the small interactions between people, guage how everyone felt about them.

I was even introduced to someone who followed me on Twitter then and there!  That is a new one on me!

Apart from feeling the differences in the way my body has been behaving over the last few years, it hasn’t REALLY sunk in that I have reached  middle age.  I still think that I react to life the way a later twenty-something does.  But I don’t.  I have more confidence than I did at that age, it emerges when I see a kid about to do something risky or I clock someone needing a hand with something. 

It shows in the easy transition I manage between throwing some shapes on the dancefloor and talking to a child in a soothing way to try and resolve a conflict that may be about to take place.  My changes are apparent because a kid might not know me, but something about the way I interact with them puts them at their ease pretty quickly. 

I’ve been around a long time.  I’ve learned a few tricks – even mastered some.  The hard work is paying off!

After the above, I can’t think why I wrote the below…


Century  Muscle  Acrobat  Clover  Scream  Homeland  Headphones  Bleakly  Attacker

The orange pen doesn’t scan too well. *Sigh*

After a century, I got a bit bored.

I think I pull a muscle at least once a week jumping about like some crap acrobat, scaring the bejesus out of hapless clientele; but part of me loves it.  Some twinkling chamber of my psyche is in clover after every hearty scream.


Of course, the other ‘lifers’ (we do have a dark sense of humour in the vampire community) prefer to sit about revelling in stories of our native homeland; listen to mournful music on their headphones while staring bleakly into the abyss of hell. 

Or something.

Maybe it is because I was taken early that I still have a restlessness about me?  I never even saw my attacker’s face, so swift and lethal were they.  I’m not even sure they meant to turn me, others have said I am a bit of an anomaly because  I never drank my assailant’s blood…?

Anyway, I don’t like to dwell on ancient history.  I’m too busy enjoying my new job!



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*Said through teeth* Huh-wy uf the taxi will leaf wifout me…

Quick post tonight as I am going out to a 40th  birthday party!  Woohoo!  I’ll get hubby to take a pic of me in my gladrags, and I’ll upload it before I publish this.

We are all unfortunately suffering various stages of the cold still, so hubby and I took the rock and roll decision to stay indoors for most of today.  The kids were not too happy with this, but with Eldest sporting a bright red sore patch between his top lip and nostrils – and Youngest coughing any time he gets too excited – we stuck to our guns!

There have been the obligatory games of cards and block-house building; interspersed with dressing up as Spiderman and a Dinosaur respectfully (!) so the boys have not been starved of entertainment by any means.  We are hoping to have our family meal as usual tonight, just bring it forward to about 5pm as I need to get out two hours later, and I just KNOW I’ll be running around half dressed with 15 minutes to go before the taxi is due…

I picked the Textfixer generator today, and was surprised to see ‘creepy’ surface again so soon!  It is weird how that happens so often, as yesterday I used a completely different site!  I wondered whether I would carry on with the same vibe as I had created yesterday, too, but my brain decided we needed a piece of fiction that would focus on the ‘biblical’ angle.  So there 😉


Biblical  Aboveground  Fiery  High  True  Blurt  Phonetic  Creepy  Defect

He was the master of the biblical phrase.  For someone who (to hear him speak) was almost fluttering as he performed his aboveground daily tasks; he was also unhealthily obsessed with the fiery pit of hell.  To my four year old self, lifted high upon his hallowed knee, every word he spoke was true – and usually terrifying.

He would blurt out judgements upon my innocent dealings, remark on how everything I did weighed against sainthood or evil.  I was always striving to be a ‘good girl’, even overthinking how I said a word – was each phonetic part perfect?  Should I just remain quiet?

Would he prescribe some time down in the creepy cellar if my sentence displayed the slightest defect?

I envied kids who actually looked forward to visiting their grandfather.  I dreaded even walking up the path; had to put so much effort into choosing what to wear.  Looking too good was a sin as well, of course.


This man sounds delightful!  I wonder if he’ll turn up in tomorrow’s piece as well, or whether I’ll write about something different…?



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